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As you grow older your body produces fewer hormones, and you’ll likely notice a range of symptoms and changes.

It’s important to note that hormone imbalance can affect men as well as women.

Many believe that bioidentical hormones are a more natural way to deliver hormone supplementation than synthetic versions, some of which are made from the urine of pregnant horses.

On the other hand, researchers findthat HRT can prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of fractures in women. If you’re ready to get started on hormone replacement therapy or want to learn more about it, book your visit at Shoreline Medical Spa online or over the phone today.

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is a treatment option for restoring proper hormone balance.

Located on the Connecticut River, it had reliable waterpower and nearby hardwood forests of oak. Williams' drugstore in Manchester, where he experimented with chemical formulas for shaving soap.

Sawmills, charcoal kilns, and foundries developed around the shipyards to process timber and other goods for their needs. When he had produced a formula that satisfied him, he moved his business to Glastonbury.

Your hormone levels will decline naturally as you grow older, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the symptoms of hormone imbalance as inevitable. Jeffrey Goldblatt at Shoreline Medical Spa, you can restore your hormones to the proper levels and feel more like yourself.

Schedule a consultation at the Deep River, Connecticut practice to sit down and discuss your symptoms, overall health, and long-term treatment goals.

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