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One of these children, 7-year-old Danilo*, told his father about the abuse, and he called the police.During the raid, the police seized the laptops as evidence and arrested the operator. The centre had been recently renovated and provided a bright and cheerful environment for children, with a well-equipped playroom and therapy rooms.As stated by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, there are no circumstances in which using children in pornographic performances and materials is acceptable.“‘Child pornography’ is a misnomer – the phrase implies that the sexual exploitation of children is subset of a (mostly) legal industry,” says Chief of Child Protection at UNICEF Philippines Sarah Norton-Staal.“The operator ran an open house, with ‘shows’ every other night,” Dr. “If children in the slum were hungry, they knew they could come for food and shelter, plus 150 pesos for taking part in the ‘show’.” Shockingly, some parents even brought their own children to the house.“People tell themselves it’s not abuse, because the perpetrator isn’t touching the children,” Dr. “But the children are still being abused, and this harms their mental and physical development.

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Live-stream child sexual abuse, also known as webcam sex tourism, was organized by an ‘operator’ living in the house, who was also the mother of one of the children. Foreign perpetrators would send her money by international wire transfer, and she would pay children 150 pesos (US).Inside the small single room house, they found an unusual amount of computer equipment: laptops, webcams and a Wi-Fi router.They also found a group of four girls and boys aged between 7 and 10 preparing for a ‘show’.And there’s a culture of silence and deference to elders, which keeps abuse hidden.All of this contributes to creating an easy environment for criminals.” In 2009, following advocacy by UNICEF and others, child sexual abuse materials were made illegal in the Philippines for the first time. “The legal age of sexual consent in the Philippines is still just 12 years old,” says Ms. “This makes it harder to convict people for child sexual abuse.

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