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Created by TV company Eyework, TV show Adam and Eve is billed as ‘an incredible experiment to find true love in its purest form.’ It sees contestants taken by boat (naked) to a tropical island where they must swim to shore (naked), with the aim of finding love (naked) – you get the picture.The sans clothing singletons are left on different sides of the island and then left to wander to one another and begin their first date in nothing but their birthday suits., a competition show about artists who use nude people as their canvases.

Small talk with a stranger is awkward at the best of times, let alone when you're naked.

It’s the silliest idea of all the naked TV shows, but it’s so awkward to watch.5.

, a perfect blend of embarrassing dating shows and faux-shocking nudity, premiered last month on VH1.

It’s also oddly informative if you’re ever looking to become a nudist and need to know which houses best suit your lifestyle (hint: avoid sharp corners).

Get ready for the next generation of reality TV – naked dating.

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