Sql server updating existing xml data using replace function python validating sql parser

We can do either insert, update, delete or append a value to the JSON string using this function.

It takes three parameters, first parameter is JSON string, second parameter is path on which value needs to change and the third parameter is the value that needs to update.

In the following example, I have modified two elements: “First Name” and “Last Name” .

Function FOR JSON is very useful when we need to export SQL table data as JSON format. Here, column names or aliases are used as key names for JSON object.

OPENJSON With-out a Pre-defined Schema In this functionality the value will be returned as key-value pairs including their type.

It is used to extract an array of data or object from the JSON string.

In the following example, I have extracted "Addresses" data from JSON object and first element of "Addresses" data from JSON object.

There are two options with FOR JSONThe FOR JSON AUTO is suitable for most scenarios but FOR JSON PATH is very useful in specific scenarios where we need to control how JSON data is generated or nested.

The FOR JSON PATH give sus full control to specify the output format for JSON data.

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