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But the best resource I’ve found for dating Stanley bench planes is,unfortunately not nearly as good for the Stanley scrub plane !!!

On Supertool I can find the reason why Stanley changed the casting but not when the thing happened !!! I would suggest contacting Patrick Leach directly and see if he knows, he’s usually pretty good about responding to requests.

When did Stanley stopped producing the first casting and started with the second one ?

..…When I find a Stanley 40, first casting, tapered knob, with a sweetheart “AA” blade, is it original ? I’m not sure I have seen a Type Study for the Stanley #40. -- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov Thankyou Wayne C for your reply, I know blades can be switched from a tool to an other,that is why I’m trying to understand when Stanley left the old casting for the new one !!!

Thankyou guys for your help, I really appreciate !!!

has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes.

Some were showered with attention by their former owners, others suffered the worst possible abuse.

For posterity and to help with future searches, Stanley and just about every other manufacturer never threw away spare parts.

When a change was made they’d use up what they had on hand, often not bothering to use up what they had first before starting with the next batch.

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