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All sections should be reviewed The most common web application security weakness is the failure to properly validate input from the client or environment.ajax tab panel control hi,i am using ajax tab panel control in my application. Unforetunately, when i use the update panel within the modal extender i get an error. Hi All, I am facing a problem when using validators inside AJAX update panel. NET, MCDBA)[Don't forget to click on Mark as answer on the post that helped you ] Disable the the client side sc...i have some problem i want to get tab header text which is u know about this please reply me.thanking you,anil. Header Text of your tab panel`Imran[MCTS]Few have audacity to speak truth Refer this... It works fine Shiny** hii anil can you elaborate the problem i m not getting where u got the problem Cheers, Utkarsh Mark as answer if helped... When i remove the update panel it works but obviously refreshes the whole page. The scenario is that i have some required Field Validators inside AJAX Update Panel. acording to me, AJAX and validation controls doent go well with each other. Ajax Tab Panel Control Toolkit i am developing a page that contain a tab control toolkit with 3 tab panels. NET Validation controls and Ajax Hi I have one page on which I have a Update panel. I have one Textbox, one dropdown (Autopostback="true"), one Submit button (Causes Validation="true") and one reset button (Causes Validation="false") and requiredfield validator for Textbox. Scenario of Issues: When Page Loads for the first time, then if I click on Submit button, then it causes validation of the textbox.I know I can check the page validation in javascript using Page_Client Validate(), however I have no idea how then to stop the user from moving to the next tab. So, you change tabs, which calls your function, which programmatically changes tabs, which calls your function, which programmatically changes tabs, which calls your function.... Its very odd, because if I then just click on the textbox being validated the validation message moves down to beside the textbox where I would expect it to be. Hi Friends Am confronting with a very trivial issue of customizing the tabbed panel and the Calendar controls of the Ajax control toolkit.Can anyone give me some ideas of how to customize these as I tried changing the CSS and setting the new css, but all in anyone help me out with this issue? Target Control ID of AJAX Calendar Control cannot be found when in an AJAX tab control Hello, I have a caledar control tied to a text box within a tab panel control as below. AJAX TAB CONTROL VALIDATION CONTROL = PROBELM I have two ascx pages one for posting comment and one for emailing some message.

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