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Master Betty, "the Young Roscius," appeared at Belfast Theatre. The Commercial Chronicle issued by Drummond Anderson.

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James Blow printed the first edition of the Bible in Ireland.

De Latocnaye notes — " Belfast has all the air of a Scotch town." 1798. Martial law proclaimed by General Nugent, followed by surrender of Volunteers' cannon. Battle of Antrim ; no one allowed in or out of Belfast except to market. Battle of Ballynahinch, the cannonading at which was heard in Belfast.

Great snowstorm ; for 7 days there was no post between Belfast and Donaghadee.

"Whilst the Duke staid at Belfast, there came a letter to him by a trumpet from the Duke of Berwick, but it was returned unopened, because it was directed For Count Schonberg." 1690. King William landed at Carrickfergus 14th June; drove from Whitehouse over the Strand, entering Belfast at the North Gate.

by "six companies of Colonel Cormack O'Neal's regiment and a troop of dragoons in Malone and the Fall, and they were kept to strict discipline." Duke Schonberg occupied Belfast 17th August.

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