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Perets was at the time under the influence of a type of nationalism, and in this poem he expressed his distaste and ethnic pain for Hassidic daughters who were the forerunners of assimilation in Poland. One of them was Yankev Dinezon, and from that point there began the great friendship between the two men, a friendship from which developed a close collaboration and a loyalty until death separated them. For a short time, he and his uncle Yoysef Altberg and one Gedalye Shper operated a mill, but after the institution of new Russian laws and courts, on his own he arranged to turn his attention to working as a lawyer. Hersh-Dovid Nomberg, A literarisher dor, a bisl zikhroynes vegn y. perets (A literary generation, a few memories of Y. These very thoughts in roughly the same time frame were entertained by Mendele and also Sholem Aleichem, but Perets did not hear from them, for Yiddish literature from Ukraine did not make it to Poland.

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He speaks in this poem against those Hebrew authors of the day who are primarily concerned with their florid language, and demands content from them, content which, he claims, is the essence of poetic creation. Gershon Levin, Perets, a bisl zikhroynes (Perets, a few memories) (Warsaw: Yehudiya, 1919), 125 pp.; 3. Kletskin, 1929), 302 pp.—including 180 letters, the earliest from 1888; 9.

He was subsequently invited to participate in the statistical expedition that the economist and philanthropist Jan Bloch was dispatching throughout Poland, to collect material on Jewish ways of subsistence, to demonstrate later that Jews were a productive element.

In his first years in Warsaw, he maintain close ties with local Hebrew writers, was even a productive leader of the group “Safa berura” (Pure language), and gave Hebrew speeches there which were a big success for those in attendance.

In Zamość there was a teacher of Jewish religion named Sh. Zalmen Reyzen, Yitskhok-leybush perets, zayn lebn un zayn verk (Yitskhok-Leybush Perets, his life and his work), “biblyotek grininke beymelekh” (Little green trees library) (Vilna: Tsisho, 1921), 38 pp.; 6. Shveyd, Mit peretsn (With Perets) (New York: Verbe, 1923), 48 pp.; 7.

Khorak who was later the Yiddish censor in Warsaw, and he advised Perets to go to Zhitomir and study there in the rabbinical seminary (from which he, Khorak, had graduated). Maks Erik, Konstruktsye-shtudyen, tsu der konstruktsye fun der goldene keyt, fun baynakht afn altn mark, batrakhtungen vegn patos (Construction studies, on the construction of Di goldene keyt [The golden chain] and Baynakht afn altn mark [At night in the old marketplace], thought about pathos) (Warsaw: Arbeter heym, 1924), 68 pp.; 8.

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