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Another nice feature is the premium version provides weekly status updates to let you know how you’re doing. It is structured differently than other programs we tested in that it emphasizes structural problems and is very adept at that.

There is a free version available, but it is quite basic and once you sign up for it, Grammarly aggressively sends you email advertisements in an attempt to get you to upgrade. It did the best job of any program we tested when it came to highlighting and flagging problems in the student writing samples we used in our testing.

Grammarly provides the best online performance of any grammar checker we tested. It is also quite adept at catching errors and offering suggestions for fixing them.

One of the most common errors among writers is misplacing or leaving out commas.

It also looks for grammar and punctuation errors, which it did a decent job of detecting, but tended to miss more small punctuation errors than other programs.

Pro Writing Aid provides feedback to help you improve writing assignments, but its suggestions aren’t as succinct or helpful as the ones Grammarly provides.

It detected errors in a document we devised containing many common English grammar errors with 30 percent more accuracy than the next best program in our tests.Grammarly does a good job of finding these types of errors.This program integrates well with Microsoft Word and online text boxes.When you find an error, take steps to correct it as soon as possible.You'll need to bring the error to the attention of any other party or parties involved in the document, especially if it's any type of signed contract.

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