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If the incapacitated individual needs a guardian, the judge will select (appoint) a suitable guardian who is willing to serve.

If the individual needs a guardian but has some ability to take care of certain tasks, the judge may appoint a limited guardian to take care of only those things that the individual cannot.

The law provides who has priority for appointment as guardian, which includes: the guardian appointed in another state for this individual, a person nominated by this individual, the person nominated in this individual's durable power of attorney, a person nominated by this individual as a patient advocate in a Designation of Patient Advocate.

A judge may reject anyone to serve as guardian if the judge finds the nominated person unsuitable.

The petition states details about why a guardian is needed.

The person that files the petition is known as the "petitioner." The probate court clerk schedules a hearing date for a judge to consider the petition.

If the incapacitated person has a Durable Power of Attorney or a Designation of Patient Advocate, then a guardian and/or conservator may not be necessary.

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The court may appoint someone to investigate the facts in the petition before the hearing date.The following explains Michigan guardianship for a formerly competent adult who loses the ability to take care of him or her self properly.A person who loses this ability is called "incapacitated." When an incapacitated person lacks the understanding or ability to make or communicate informed decisions, the individual may need the help of a guardian or conservator.A guardianship or conservatorship will limit an incapacitated adult's legal right to handle his or her own matters and can cost the incapacitated adult time and money.If an individual has a disabling condition that began before the age of 22, and the condition is likely to continue indefinitely, then a guardian is appointed under a different set of laws.

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