Tom leykis dating single mothers

Do you really want to support this negative cultural behavior that these sluts KNOW that having some chads baby is OKAY because they KNOW some beta will be there on the other end to pick up the pieces? Listen gents: I have a side job that includes a 28 year old single mother of two. It's called /r/financialindependence so that I'm not beholden to a job and an employer my entire life.

I asked if she was married and she looked at me with a look of disgust and said "no" with a chuckle. Earn the highest wage I can without taking a shit on my work/life balance, live well below my means, invest, and hopefully be able to retire while I'm still reasonably young.

How about Leykis in his guise as "The Professor" and his weekly classes for men on "how to get laid for as little money as possible" or on how to "avoid dating single mothers so that their mistakes don't become your responsibilities?

" Or how about his pioneering "Flash Fridays" (later copied by various other radio personalities) in which men are encouraged to turn on their headlights so that women in the know will "flash their assets?

" Leykis has suggested that women who text or answer a cell phone should be simply abandoned with the check at restaurants (because "when you pay for dinner, you are paying for exclusive access").

He has given male callers ways to save money on a date ('call her and ask her what time she's having dinner.

You know what they say about women that've already had a baby right? Make no mistake, she isn't doing this for you, or companionship, or because she loves you, it's desperation, plain and simple.

She needs resources for her and her baby, resources that YOU should be spending on yourself to IMPROVE YOURSELF so you're in a completely different league than the slut and her cuckbaby.

Do you really want to raise that baby that isn't yours? well, stay well away from single mothers, and don't talk to or about them either.More specifically "getting hooked up with" single mothers.I'm here to weigh in my two cents as your fellow MGTOW.honestly dating a single mother is beyond stupid.The show can be heard live beginning at 6 PM Eastern/3PM Pacific at on demand at Leykis's show, has often been criticized for its edgy content that the Los Angeles Times once categorized in a headline as "misogyny." How edgy?

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