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There are at least two categories of people involved in alcoholism: If you’re the loved one of someone in either group, it’s important that you know how to deal with an alcoholic effectively, with consideration to their symptoms and lifestyle, if you want to help them get well.

How to live with an alcoholic is another aspect to consider when dealing with such an individual.

An alcoholic can benefit from having an at-home support system before, during and after any form of treatment for their addiction.

There are hundreds of resources all over the country designed to address the issue of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Functional alcoholics differ from others who struggle with alcoholism, primarily in how alcohol affects their lives.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence notes that 67% of victims of violence by a former spouse or partner indicated that the offender was under the influence of alcohol.Alcoholism can take a devastating toll on your physical health, your emotional well-being, your personal relationships, and your professional life.However, many alcoholics manage to function effectively, holding down jobs and maintaining households.Further, 40 percent of child abusers admitted that they were drinking when they committed their offenses.The best cure for codependency is a strong, healthy sense of self.

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