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WH: Not sure about that, but I think standing in deep mid-winter at Checkpoint Charlie when the wall was still up in Berlin is a moment which stands out for me.You could literally stand on the white line dividing two nuclear-armed powers, knowing you were being watched by the East German Police from a tower.If you have Freeview Play you can also access all our great content via our dedicated player CBS Catch Up Channels UK.Visit Freeview TV for information on changes to TV signals. On August 2012, three fishermen chanced upon a most unusual cache of intimate sex toys, abandoned in a reservoir situated just south of Dublin, Ireland.That particular prime minister did not accept the rioters had a point and the rioters did not accept Mrs Thatcher was a legitimate leader.CBSR: Where did the idea for The Jury Room come from? I was forever struck by how few of us know what goes on in a Court never mind the Jury Room – and maybe that’s why my favourite movie is 12 Angry Men.Most killers plead not guilty yet almost all convicted people are guilty – so you have to be careful to set a high bar when considering which cases are worthy of further investigation and which are not.Just because someone says they are innocent and offers a plausible reason to believe him/her does not mean they are telling the truth. WH: They had to match the UK demographic – young, old, mixed cultural and ethnic backgrounds and a good gender mix and then they had to convince me they would not ‘grandstand’ or trivialise the programme seriously.

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CBSR: As a reporter you’ve covered countless historic events, which stands out for you?WH: Presenting live is fabulous, on radio and TV – and daytime, though watched by fewer people than prime time, gives a presenter a little more time to be him or herself. That said, I did a series of Biography shows for ITV and working with Ricky Tomlinson, Paul Mc Cartney and others of that ilk was a buzz. I am also just recording my first ever Podcast series and loving it. The Jury Room starts May 28th at 10pm exclusively on CBS Reality.A CBS Reality Original Series Premiere on Tuesday 3rd September at . “The Real Prime Suspect” is a 10-part series led by Jackie Malton, a former Scotland Yard detective, one of the first female members of the Flying Squad and the inspiration for the character of DCI Jane Tennison, played by Helen Mirren, in the multi-award winning drama “Prime Suspect” by Lynda La Plante.What takes the time is to get broadcasters to share my vision!CBSR: How did you decide on which cases to cover in the series? There has to be a conviction which is disputed by a Defence team which displays enough credibility to convince the Criminal Cases Review Commission that there should be an Appeal court hearing.

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