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This rock likely formed during the creation of the lunar crust, possibly via flotation in a magma ocean. Currently, the comprises a set of five laboratories for the preparation and isotopic analysis of a wide range of geological materials.

The anorthositic portion of this rock is characterized by very low abundances of highly siderophile elements, indicating that the Moon’s long history of late accretion bombardment did not chemically modify the rock. These laboratories include separate mass-spectrometry, chemistry, mineral separation and rock preparation facilities.

(left) Peridotite xenolith from a quarry near Yangyuan, China was erupted onto the surface approximately 38 million years ago.

Materials like this are examined in order to study the evolution of the lithospheric mantle underlying the North China Craton.

But new discoveries continue to be made about this last and (presently) largest of the giant carnivorous dinosaurs. Scientists believed for more than half a century that the mite consumes small amounts of bee blood. 5-7PM - Buy Tickets Tickets: Curated by local songwriter Annette Wasilik, each Songwriter Sundays event showcases three incredible songwriters and includes a short opening set from a local rising star. 7-8PMFree, no tickets required Join the UMD TEMPO New Music Ensemble for a concert featuring new music for string quartet. You’ll get a lyric sheet, then Allison Hughes, music director for the College Park Chorale, will teach you 2 or 3 part harmony to a well-known song.

New specimens and new analytical techniques have revealed details previously unknown about its biology. Now, they know that the mite liquifies a bee's liver and sucks part of the liver out of the bee's body. The program consists of a variety of works written by graduate composers at UMD. Second Tuesday of each month: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 . The evening will end with a performance by the whole group. 7-9PM Tickets: - Buy Now Kick your mid-week, winter blues OUT and invite warm feelings of love IN.

FOLA is meant to inspire dreams and reinvigorate dormant ideas, while celebrating cultural and creative diversity. Publishing 101: What All Authors Should Know AM-PM Award-winning, national best-selling author of nine books and independent publisher, Jessica Tilles, will share tips on publishing your writings.

Writing and Publishing Science Fiction and Afro Futurism -PM The economic success of the Black Panther movie has expanded and broadened the appreciation of science fiction, fantasy and Afro Futurism.

He has exhibited work throughout the Washington metro area and his work is included in public collection of The David C. Hosted by the University of Maryland's Terpoets, this series strives to create a safe community for the creators of all medias and curate a unique artistic experience by showcasing the exceptional talent in the College Park area! 6-8PMFree, no tickets required TOTUS Spoken Word Experience's annual Mixed Monologues program will take place during the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference.D, author Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comic Book Biography, From Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates along with facilitator, curator/sci-fi geek Carol Dyson in a lively discussion about the advances in these fields of study. Meet the Authors 2-PM Author/blogger Deliah Lawrence will moderate a panel discussion with authors Austin Camacho, Teri Cross Davis, Michelle Junot, and Jung Yun, who will discuss and share excerpts from their fiction and non-fiction works. Speed Dating for Authors’ Panel -6PM There are many resources for authors to support their book projects, however once their projects are completed, authors may need some advice and direction on next steps.Discussion will be followed b a Q & A and authors’ book signing. This speed dating event, moderated by PR guru Cherrie Woods will feature four experts, literary agent, Dara Kaye, filmmaker Monda Webb, conference founder Sharon Lucas and blogger Andrea Blackstone who will interact with workshop attendees to offer advice on what to do once their book projects are completed. 11AM-4PMFree, no tickets required A Valentine’s experience for art lovers!She holds a BA in Performing Arts from The George Washington University and a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland. 6-8PMFree, no tickets required The is a monthly reading series hosted by students from the University of Maryland’s MFA Program in Creative Writing where current MFA students and alums from UMD, as well as students from DMV-area MFA programs, can share their writing with their peers and the public. Some yoga mats will be provided but please feel free to bring your own. rex, as well as some of the geological evidence concerning the great extinction which ended the reign of the Tyrant King. -PM - Register Now Supermassive black holes, which are a million to 10 billion times the mass of the sun, lurk in the center of most galaxies, including our own Milky Way.With over twelve years of performance experience, Acevedo has been a featured performer on BET and Mun2, as well as delivered several TED Talks and is well known for her poetry videos which have gone viral and been picked up by PBS, Latina Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and Upworthy. The series aims to create a sense of community among writers and lovers of literature. Class is free of charge and we will be accepting donations (cash or credit card) to support arts and music opportunities for local students. How do we study these dark and mysterious objects in the universe? Suvi Gezari will describe how astronomers use wide-field optical telescopes to monitor the night sky and catch supermassive black holes that light up in the act of feeding on stars and gas. -PM - Register Now There's a parasite on our honey bees—and researchers agree that it tops the list of stress factors for honey bee health.

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