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Power Apps can easily connect to and save data to many different data sources, so after a bit more investigating, I decided I would use Share Point lists to store all the quote data from the app.

I had heard about Share Point before, but I never really knew what it was.

In this post I’ll describe how you can import user photos from Active Directory (AD) into Share Point 2013 and add them to Share Point user profiles.

Firstly you’ll need to get your users’ photos into AD. The bulk edition is fantastic as it has command line support.

When it’s finished click on Manage User Profiles and search for a user and click on Edit My Profile.

End users can update their own profile in Share Point without intervention from administrators or help desk.

This is explained here: can check the current values of the server’s token timeout with this command: This will fix the server-side and make Share Point aware of a user being granted access through membership in AD, but if the user already obtained their claim earlier in the day they may still get access denied.

But even the best Excel based template in the world wasn’t going to solve all their problems.

After a bit of investigation, I came to the conclusion that what they really needed was a custom quote app which could be built fairly easily with Microsoft Power Apps.

Users can quickly change properties, including telephone, email, department, address and so on. The web part owner can add, delete, and edit the tabs as well as the properties in them, drag-n-drop the tabs or properties to adjust their display orders as needed.

Users can also update their photo on the AD Self Service Web Part. Administrators can be alerted via emails or log system of any modifications of AD information that could be harmful, such as unauthorized password changes or resets.

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