Updating avocado green bathroom

Add matching accessories such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder etc and save to get it redone. Whatever you spend (and it will still be a substantial amount) will only make it look like an 80's bathroom that's been given a cheap facelift.

If it's in reasonable condition and not all mouldy with tiles falling off the walls etc, then I'd live with it for a year or two until you've saved up to do it properly.

At Mobile Home Parts Store, we love the DIY spirit.

We love to see people taking charge of their homes and changing them for the better.

You can file away a look that appeals to you, or you can make a mental note NOT to copy someone’s style.

Either way, looking at other beautiful makeovers will help you figure out your own project.

Is there anything I can do to update the walls, floors etc to make the room look a bit less dated?

For instance, does the shower need updating, does the ventilation need updating ( or even installing). Every bathroom fitter that I consulated immediately said 'new LED lights' as though these were now expected in any update (they are nice ) Tile paint Wall paint Sheer blind (ikea do them) kept pulled down to hide the window Cheap vinyl floor Piles of fresh towels and a few cheap but funky accessories (try Matalan or the supermarkets)Maybe a seaside theme with white paint and blue & white accessories or a cool neutral scheme?

If there are not too many patterned tiles, hard to see on my tiny screen, get some tile stickers.

I've used them a couple of times, with great effect and they dont peel off if you apply them correctly.

Or am I stuck with the 80s bathroom from hell until I can afford a new one? With plain walls or a more modern style of tile, the suite wouldn't look bad. Or look into tile paint if you're on a tight budget.

having bought a house with similar - I wouldn't bother doing anything until you can do it properly.

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