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That is because they do not want you running Windows on their hardware.All of this information is out there and if you want to argue, I would suggest stopping now, because it will not solve the problem that is caused by the fact that you are running Windows in a Virtual Environment, not in a real environment if you were running on Beige Box hardware.For more information about setting the time on windows, see How Windows Time Service Works. If business, organization or human life depends on having correct time or can be harmed by it being wrong, you shouldn't "just get it off the internet".The NTP Pool is generally very high quality, but it is a service run by volunteers in their spare time.When I corrected the time I have set it to the correct timezone (see screenshot)...I have a windows 10 tablet and the clock is constantly losing time by significant amounts.If you're using a recent Windows version, you can use the ntp client that is built into the system.

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You may not think that it is, but it is actually running in a VM.Make sure your computer's clock is set to something sensible (within a few minutes of the 'true' time) - you could use $ ntpq -pn remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== 2 u 68 1024 377 158.995 51.220 50.287 * 2 u 191 1024 176 79.245 3.589 27.454 -129.1 3 u 766 1024 377 22.302 -2.928 0.508 , etc) will usually return IP addresses for servers in or close to your country. You can also use the continental zones (For example europe, north-america, oceania or ntp.org), and a country zone (like in Switzerland) - for all these zones, you can again use the 0, 1 or 2 prefixes, like 0org.Note, however, that the country zone might not exist for your country, or might contain only one or two timeservers.Date and Time Settings are set to "Set time automatically", But after any reboot, Windows 10 displays the incorrect time.When I go to the Date and Time Settings configuration and toggle the "Set time automatically" setting off then on again, the time changes to the correct time.

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