Updating enemy territory

Examples: bind x "toggle cg_drawfps" - the toggle command will alternately give the specified cvar a value of 0 and 1.

bind x "cycle cg_drawcrosshair 0 10 1" - the first press of our key sets cg_crosshair to 0.

There are also a couple of commands which can be useful, A script or configuration file is simply a text document that contains cvars and commands, in order to configure ET with the preferred settings or load scripts which perform some game function.The MODE column: this is a general category applied on the basis of assumed usage.Server commands therefore are generally used when configuring a server, but most will also work with clients using RCON.To open the console, press whatever key you have bound to "toggle Console".This will usually be the key under ESCape, which changes depending on keyboard layout but usually is the ` or ~ key.

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