Updating firmware on scalar 100 I pad sexchat

(120g) Very feature packed, the size does not bother me personally as its only used on setups and experiments.More functions than the average user will ever use.Otherwise, there are other units out there (e.g., the AIM 4170) that are even more accurate, and usable with a laptop display, which makes it easy to view the output in any number of desired formats, and to select menu items - for about the same money on the used market.The technical performance is perhaps best reviewed by QST in late 2015.

You wonder about using it outside while working on an antenna. for a more visible presentation aimed at operation in the field,...". There is also an option for a maximum contrast white color scheme.I joined the Sark 110 forum and read up about the flaw and was messaged by i believe the designer for the Sark he offerd to fix it so off it went he sent me a email saying all fix and gave me a tracking # and 69 days later it arrived ?so i gave it a try great working fine used it once put it back in its case on a shelf far from RF two weeks later was showing it to a friend and dead white screen nothing now i am told it dead has a crack or what ever so its dead i am out about 500 $ cad ..All open source, a pleasure to use, fits in my pocket. MFJ 259, MFJ269 and finally the Palstar ZM30 were the first three.Not really a fair comparison as the Sark 110 is much more technology.

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