Updating php ini

For a complete set of default files for PHP versions 5.5 through 7.0 click the link below: Use the links below to navigate to an article with the full code for the PHP version used on your account.If you are unsure of what PHP version your site is running, you can use the phpinfo function to locate the correct version.Navigate to the root directory of the domain name in question, upload the file that corresponds to your current PHP version.

This is done by using the Su PHP handler, which designates what file to execute.

After the above steps have been completed you can review your settings and confirm your configuration path by utilizing the phpinfo function.

For more information on how to use this function, please refer to the following article: Note: Host Gator cannot know why you want or need to change these settings.

When you deploy a server via Spinup WP, a default file is created with sensible default values. Each version of PHP has its own file, which is located here: Any changes made to this file will impact all sites on the server running that version of PHP, unless they are overridden by per-site settings.

After you’ve made the desired configuration changes, you must reload PHP for the changes to take effect.

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