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It's going to be far easier for corporate customers to keep using Office than switch to Google, and bringing the real-time collaboration tools will make it more likely that Office will remain the suite of choice.Office 2016 is of course more than one application, and the 'triple' of Word, Excel, and Power Point are still the major apps at the core of the Office experience.

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You can work with your Office 365 subscription on a number of devices.

If there is an application that needs a bit more focus, thought, and polish in all of Office, it is Outlook. Publisher continues to provide a competent desktop publishing experience with its focus on small business and home based templates, while Access is the database management system loved and hated in equal measures.  My love of One Note has been on show at Forbes before, and the update here, like that of the major apps, is more evolutionary.

There are no totemic new features on show here, just wide integration across a number of platforms.

If you need to stay in touch during the editing process, Skype will handle both IM and video calling functions.

Yes, it looks remarkably like the solution used by Google in its cloud-based suites, but this is where the legacy of Microsoft will kick in.

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