Updating powerdesigner model of different versions

Only consider this if you have an agreed-upon folder structure and even then I recommend you don’t do this.

updating powerdesigner model of different versions-72

Most useful when you have things like “firstname/lastname” pairs of attributes that you do not want to separate out to their own entity, for some reason. Tie models together with separate workspaces for each project Workspaces are small files with zero overhead that tie different models together. Store your models in version control systems Seriously, I should NOT have to say this, but I keep meeting people who don’t seem to realize that MODELS ARE CODE. Create a folder structure that is the same for everyone and make it mandatory If you don’t, you’ll create unending pop-ups whenever someone opens a model they did not create themselves.

There will, of course, be time to discuss and demonstrate those nagging questions that always come to mind during sessions such as this.

George is an independent information management practitioner, with 30 years’ experience creating and managing models of various types in many organizations.

You can create a source module that connects to an Oracle Designer repository.

When the definitions for an application are stored and managed in an Oracle Designer repository, the time required to connect to the application is reduced.

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