Updating the root hint

You can find the root hints on the IANA website – there’s an FTP link to the file containing root hints, as well as an HTTP link (

I thought simply entering this in the ‘Copy from Server’ window should suffice but it doesn’t. The window says it wants a server name or IP address so I removed everything above except the server name and then clicked OK. Server: win-dc03.rakhesh.local Address: Non-authoritative answer: (root) nameserver = a.(root) nameserver = b.(root) nameserver = c.(root) nameserver = d.(root) nameserver = e.(root) nameserver = f.(root) nameserver = g.(root) nameserver = h.(root) nameserver = i.(root) nameserver = j.(root) nameserver = k.(root) nameserver = l.(root) nameserver = m.a.internet address = My DNS server doesn’t have an authoritative answer (notice the output above) because it only has the info that’s present with it by default.

3600000 AAAA 203: C27:: ; ; operated by RIPE NCC ; .

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This site tracks the locations of the many root servers, and also provides links to individual operators — some of which provide statistics on root server utilisation.

) but when I did a ‘Copy from Server’ again without removing any existing entries and input in the same IPv4 address and did an update, this time it picked up all the addresses.If I manually update all the root hints to IPV4 it works fine but then if DNS is restarted or server restarted will just default back to IPV6 again and bam stop working.I have disabled IPV6 on the network adapter without any luck.That looked like it was doing something but then failed with a message that it couldn’t get the root hints. The real answers could have changed by now (and it often does – the root hints list that these servers come with can have outdated entries) but that’s fine because it has some answers at least.If I were to input this server’s name or IP address to the ‘Copy from Server’ dialog above, that DNS server gets the root hints from this DNS server and updates itself.

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