Updating usb drivers for samsung

Read More » The following hardware makes use of the Intel Whiskey Lake UART drivers.These are mainly used by the Asus range of products and even though different you will note that the hardware inside these computers are the same.The driver is very small and you can download it below. Read More » This is a list of ASUS UART drivers which you can see below and consider what type of UART driver you will need depending on what hardware you are using.Search this website for other UART drivers as well by looking at the top of the page.

Note that this file is for a Windows operating system.

There are two other articles on a serial port adapter for Windows.

Below is the instructions for Linux and how to connect your serial adapter while using Linux.

If the Prolific USB to serial drivers below do not work then see the USB to RS232 driver for more information as it uses more than one option.

Read More » This is the RS232 driver for the USB adapter.

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