Updating xbox xbmc

Also, Milkdrop (Visualisation for MP3s) is MUCH more responsive to the music now, with crappy presets weeded out, it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable to watch. Then when you're done, hit 'title' again and select 'Now Playing', and you will be taken to the playlist. In the readme, it suggests a DVD-R should also work however my Xbox continues to report unreadable disk?

I just WISH they'd implement the 'flow' view that I use with my movies into the Pictures directory. I went back to the late October build recently because the later builds were taking longer to load my videos over the network for some reason. I dont have a CD-RW handy to try but can source one today- although i thought what I have tried should have worked.

Can someone please please tell me exactly what to do (i.e. Corvus, how exactly did you land back on your feet?

If you do not have an existing video library, you will need to create one by following the Create Video Library guide.

title=Ski...mpatibility_List That list is pretty dated though. I decided to remove all the files in the XBMC folder via FTP before copying across the new version of XBMC.

You can find newer skins here:blackbolt.x-scene.com/in...p=skins&app=xbmcand in the various threads here:forums.xbox-scene.com/in...hp? Unfortunately that wasn't the greatest of moves, because it's now not allowing me FTP access to transfer the new files across – and the XBox will not load beyond the splash screen lol. And which program did you use to create the boot disk?

Once I can get FTP happening, I'm confident I'll be able to transfer across the new version of XBMC, then reload my original User Data folder back in and be sweet.

However I can't seem to be able to create a successful boot CD.

I was attempting to upgrade my version of XBMC via FTP. After this, I selected the "XBMC" directory on my Xbox and pressed delete. I DO have a softmod and yes, this has happened before, all I need is FTP access to my files...

The one thing I did wrong was that I didn't have 'disc at once' ticked on Nero.

:\So make sure you finish the session or have 'disc at once' checked before you burn.

I'm making good progress with XBMC - it's a pretty neat media player actually.

S Video output is quite acceptable for now but I am getting the advance AV pack - component & digital audio Today I've been looking for alaternate skins to Mayhem III - mainly a colour change from the gloomy slate grey it comes in as I like its layout and navigation. Most of the other skins I have found are too dated to use with my recent XBMC version.

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