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“No problem,” I said, “we’ll be here all Saturday.” Around noon on Saturday, the painter — Rob was his name — arrived at the house.My wife, Emily, greeted him at the door, and showed him up to the guest room while I took care of some work in the den.“I saw you staring at the painter’s junk,” I teased. Instead, she was still lying there, with me inside of her, legs still twisted around my back. Slowly, he unzipped his jeans, and an enormous bulge sprung out.While the thrusting had stopped, she made no motion to get up, and her unconvincing objection to seeing Rob’s cock betrayed her words. There was something hidden within those briefs the painter was wearing, and I knew that Emily wanted a look at it.After a few more distinct strokes, I began to finger-fuck her repeatedly, pressing up upon her g-spot with each entry.Her moans grew increasingly louder, and within a few minutes, her pussy was dripping with a steady trickle of juices. Ohhhhh, baby.” Her objections slowly faded off, replaced by a series of passionate moans.Basically, she felt sex and nudity should be shared between one man and one woman, without others seeing or knowing about it. I grabbed hold of her panties, and pulled them off of her quickly.Obviously, with this firm stance, a quickie with the painter upstairs was out of the question. I stuffed them behind me on the chair, ensuring that if the painter did come down, he wouldn’t see her delicates strewn about the floor.

I stood up, and she reclined on the chair, lifting her legs in the air. ” I asked, taking the gasp as a sign of wild pleasure. Instead, she stared, wide-eyed, straight past me, towards the opening of the den. I’m so sorry to have interrupted.” I looked at him, at a loss for what to say.

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It had been about six years since my wife and I had bought our house, and our guest bedroom was in need of a good painting.

Subtly, I slid my hand in between my wife’s tanned, juicy thighs, and began to edge closer to her nether-regions. While she was by no means shy in the bedroom — she loved to suck cock and had demanded anal on multiple occasions — she was absolutely adamant about keeping our sex life entirely between us. “You just sit here and I’ll finger you,” I proposed.

Upon realizing what I was up to, Emily quickly snapped her legs completely closed. She disliked PDA, wasn’t fond of nude beaches, and absolutely loathed porn. “If we hear him coming, I’ll move my hand, and he’ll be none the wiser.” To make my offer even more appealing, I slid my hand a little further up Emily’s leg, prodding her pussy with my pinky finger. I smiled, and moved the rest of my hand deeper down her skirt.

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