Vb 6 0 row cannot be located for updating

If you want the finished product to have the same name as the input product, you'll need to delete the old one and then move the temporary (compacted) file to the original filename, like this: Just a closure post on this thread to thank all who responded, especially Matt (cocheez) who bailed me out big time here.Your help is *greatly* appreciated, and I now have a working program.

A row is deleted using the following code: With db Main. Here's what I've tried:'Reindex [Log] Dim dbcount As Integer con Obj1. Open str Query1, con Obj1, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only dbcount = rs Obj1. How do I sequentially write the numbers to the fields?

Anybody got a clue what's wrong here, or have another suggestion of how I could select multiple records based upon a list of doc numbers, then delete all records with the appropriate doc number?

Requery Loop End With Problem is, this requires a write and then reopen of the table every time and is horribly slow for a large number of records.

This is a collection of highly requested Visual Basic code that I put together back in 19.

Almost all of these samples will work on fine on Visual Basic 5.0 and for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Programming (when done with VBA), however, I've only made sure that they work in VB6.

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