Vb net updating xml file

Alternatively, you could create an XML document and use .

Catch block "Rocky" wrote:" Or you could omit the tabs and carriage returns as they are ingnored by xml parser anyhow.

Create Element("user") ' append attribute Dim attr As Xml Attribute = CType(xml Doc.

Catch block "Rocky" wrote: The following code should compile just fine (provided that you have text Box1 and text Box2 Text Boxes on your form): Try Dim file Name As String = "my File.xml" Dim user Name As String = text Box1. Text Dim xml Doc As Xml Document = New Xml Document xml Doc.

Private _File Name As String = Nothing Private _Monitors Configuration As List(Of Monitor)=Nothing Private _Monitor Index As integer = 0 Protected Sub Notify Property Changed(By Val name As String) Raise Event Property Changed(Me, New Property Changed Event Args(name)) End Sub Public Event Property Changed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Select Single Node("//DB/DB_Loc") ' your example implies that DB is not the root element... before to modify data of node, I want to open the XML file and modify directly to XML file the value.

The console application reads from this xml file and opens multiple instances of a browser, one instance per monitor (6 monitors in total).

There are 4 control centers, each of which has 6 monitors. These pc's are not on the network and do not have access to each other. Each monitor will display one website at a time, there could be multiple sites listed to be displayed on the specific monitor so they will periodically change.

I am rather new to the programming world ( I'm a network guy ).

I have however been asked to develop a front end that configures an xml file for a console application.

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