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He was previously the San Francisco bureau chief at MIT Technology Review, and wrote and edited technology coverage at New Scientist magazine in London. body a a:hover #send-email-content td.content #send-email-content @media only screen and (max-width: 660px) @media only screen and (max-width: 510px) { #send-email-content table.container #send-email-content table.container td #send-email-content table.container .site-show #send-email-content td.content #send-email-content td.Betaworks’ accelerator, which the company says was designed as a one-off, has moved on to other themes. And now Facebook says it will shutter M, its buzzy full-service virtual assistant, on Jan. In some respects it’s impressive that Facebook kept M running as long as it did.Despite the hype, M, which lived in Facebook Messenger, was presented as an experiment. That’s because most of the tasks fulfilled by M required people.

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Today's best algorithms are a long way from being able to really understand all the nuances of natural language.

It’s difficult to remember now, but there was a moment in early 2016 when many in the tech industry believed chatbots---automated text-based virtual assistants---would be the next big platform.

Messaging app Kik staked its company’s future on bots and “chatvertising.” Startup studio Betaworks launched an accelerator program called Botcamp.

Facebook did succeed in automating some of the work its army of contractors used to perform in the guise of M.

If you ask the bot to get flowers delivered, it can automatically get suggestions from online florists, only asking a human to choose which quotes to present to the user. The people who used the service and role-played as the omniscient assistant have generated valuable data that can be used by the company's AI researchers.

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