We got married real dating

So her appearance has a slight similarity to Choi Minho.As we know We Got Married is a South Korean reality variety show which is very successful in South Korea.Choi Jin Ri known as Choi Sulli is an ex-member of f(x) girl band.Sulli as a visual in f(x) takes the role as vocalist and rapper.So our task as fans of Minho is to support him no matter what.A little support from us could make his life’s more joyful!

One of the best scenes I ever saw in We Got Married is when Choi Minhoo said while playing this show, he did not intend to make it as a show. LOL 😀 Below is one of my favorite video about two of them together which was made with love from their fans.

And finally they decided to pair Choi-Choi together.

Both of them meet intentionally to arrange what would happen with their managers.

Ch Minho takes the role as the main rapper in his group called “Shinee”.

Besides being the main rapper, he is also good at making the lyrics of rap songs.

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