Webkinz dating service

In order to change your account information you must first log in to your account by clicking the "Log in" button on the top of the homepage.Once you log in, click on the "Edit Account" button located on the right side of the screen.If you have already created an account but have forgotten your password, go to the main login page by clicking the "Log In" button on the top of the homepage. You will then be directed to a screen prompting you to enter your email address.Once you enter the email address with which you originally registered your account, click "Submit" and your password will be sent to you via email.Remember, Feature Codes cannot be reset and used again for any reason.Once they are used there is no way to reset or transfer the codes so they can be used again.

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Feature Codes require an active Webkinz account to be used.

What you will be purchasing is a special code that can be used only once by only one user in Webkinz World that will award that user with the item.

No, retail stores will continue to carry all the same great Webkinz products, such as Webkinz plush toys, trading cards, body sprays, mouse pads, pet clothing and much more.

There are no refunds or exchanges on online items, including if your account expires or is terminated due to User Agreement violations.

Items can not be transferred from one account to another.

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