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Previous conversations are deleted from their side but not from yours."Broadcast messages" are silently dropped as above.(Quick links: cache cleanup, audio, pictures and video.See also URL encoder for mobile chat.) Many Chinese people now prefer to manage their contacts using a proprietary mobile messaging and social networking application called We Chat .Questo permette loro di aderire alla rete pi grande in modo da persone provenienti da migliaia di siti web possono interagire insieme.:-) Se ti assenti dal tuo PC per pi di 20 minuti, assicurati di chiudere l'applet della chat. Questo servizio che ti offriamo gratuitamente, a noi ci costa molti soldi!if trying to post a short video to Moments) probably means you need to recode to h264.By comparison, Whats App usually compresses inline images to around 250k (with no option to see full size) and limits video to 16Mi B (as of 2017; best sent from the mobile application), and Telegram Messenger scales down to max 1280 pixels per dimension and sends the result as an 87%-quality JPEG (unless uploaded as a file) but has a much more generous video limit.

Proprietari di siti web possono utilizzare il Room Wizard per creare una nuova stanza per il loro sito web.

The Android version of We Chat can build up multiple gigabytes in a directory with a 32 hex-digit name under subdirectory results in all videos in chat history (including 10-second "sights") being replaced by placeholders; you might need to do this to reclaim space after you've sent a video clip to many contacts. If a Chinese friend asks you to "fix" their We Chat on an older phone with internal storage measured in megabytes (such as the China Mobile-branded ZTE U809, which runs a version of Android 4.2 with only 177M of usable internal storage), beware this might no longer be possible because We Chat tends to insist on updating to its latest version, which (even if installed to SD card) assumes it can write hundreds of megabytes to internal storage and crash the phone in the process.

Installing a very old smaller version of the APK will not work: even last year's versions tend to just take you to the update process after first login.

Contact is greyed out and marked "Account deleted"; selecting it says "account deleted by other user" and presents a Delete button which, if pressed, also deletes the conversations; otherwise any attempt to send more messages is met with "The other user cannot receive message" Spontaneous "Delete contact" is also possible.

This is when We Chat deletes one of your contacts, resulting in the person and all previous chats disappearing without trace, as if you'd deleted it yourself.

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