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Jared Leto has had women such like Ashley Olsen, but their romance was quite short and ended after a few months, but they have dated two times, in 2005 and in 2008 so something must have drag them one to another even if just for a short time.

Also there was a time when Cameron Diaz was called as Jared Leto girlfriend and for four year, and it seemed serious until they had do separate, because they both wanted to make their carriers.

The year 2014 brings the news of Leto dating singer Miley Cyrus.

But no one of them has ever confirmed any association with each other.

Jared Leto shared a serious relationship with actress and model Cameron Diaz.

He is capable in a lot of spheres of show business and has made good roles that are evaluated perfectly by movie critics in such movies like Requiem for a Dream and Mr. Even though Jared had had a lot of women that could have been called as Jared Leto girlfriend, he states that he has a serious crush on Kristen Stewart on his Twitter and even though he is a lot older than she it seems that he is serious about it.

Jared, who is 41, is almost twenty years older than she is and maybe he just made the joke about it.

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