Who is lloyd dating

Up next, he is reportedly planning to release a video for “Excited,” yet another Tru single.

Lloyd's father loved him very much since the day he was born.

Despite no longer trusting his father, Lloyd heeded his words about the darkness, and feared the coming of the Oni.

However, Lloyd pleaded to his father at not doing so and Garmadon relented, marking the first time he had shown hesitance after his revival.After the defeat of the Preeminent, Lloyd returned from the Cursed Realm and stated his father was in a better place.On "Day of the Departed," Lloyd and his mother pay their respects before Pythor attacked them and while fighting the Ancondrai, he realized that no matter what, Garmadon would always be there for him.This reluctance allowed Lloyd to escape his grasp and stare at his father in confusion to why he spared him.During "Green Destiny," Lloyd confronted his father with Wu who had returned and they fought as Garmadon declared them as his enemies.

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