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As previously reported Cassie very coincidentally posted her new man on Instagram after Diddy posted an “I miss you” style picture on his IG story of her.

Alex, 25, owns the Alex Fine Performance personal training program and is a Central Michigan University grad. ) and has trained the likes of Odell Beckham Jr., Reggie Bush, and Kelly Ripa.

Right pageant on a group date, it truly felt the best of both worlds. This time, Miss J and Hannah had drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Alaska rounding out their judging roster, which fueled many visions of a different kind of episode.

While he didn't critique the men on their walks, he was there to serve some fierce one-liners that would make Tyra Banks proud. To paraphrase Banks' finest moment, I'm rooting for them and all of Bachelor Nation is rooting for them to make their appearances a thing in future seasons.

Several paranormal enthusiasts have criticized him for the confrontational methods he uses during the investigations, to which he has responded by stating that the team only did that to the ‘bad spirits who they knew were attacking the living.’In 2018, Zak released his horror documentary film, case alongside Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley.

The paranormal investigator isn’t that flexible to reveal the details of his private life.

In 2018, he began starring on the web series Baby Doll Records.

He was 5 years old when he began his acting career by landing the lead role in his school's play.

He also appeared opposite Bill Paxton and Luke Perry in the 2013 film Red Wing.

Often partnered with creative director Jay Manuel, Miss J delivered sassy looks and blunt advice throughout the years, all while looking flawless.

When you have a free moment, treat yourself to a You Tube reel of his best to help Hannah judge a Mr. Maybe they can crash hometown dates later this season?

So Zak doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get settled down and get married to his future wife, so we’ll just have to make do with his relationship with his ghost friends.

In Cassie’s photo, she celebrates her mom’s birthday and kisses her new boo, Alex Fine, a Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer.

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