Who is nate berkus dating brian atwood

Mr Berkus, who tragically lost his partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, in the December 2004 tsunami while on vacation in Sri Lanka, was previously in a two-year relationship with Brian Atwood, which ended in 2009., the husbands use their eye for design to help other couples who are in need of some serious home renovations.They were the most beautiful years of our life in which because of the love and respect that we have, we became a partner and co exceptional.The nice thing about it is, the whole focus behind the line is very solution-oriented.Of course, that's famed designer Nate Berkus, known for the work he's done for both high-profile private clients and well-known public spaces.

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For reality TV fans, Brent is also a familiar face because he appeared on in Season 4 as her interior decorator and sometimes assistant stylist.The relationship has heated up over the past few months, with the duo splitting their time between New York and Los Angeles.Berkus and Brent are the third gay couple in recent weeks to announce their engagement as the Supreme Court’s deliberations over California’s Prop 8 are expected to result in a decision in June. Berkus, a former Oprah protégé, was in a two-year relationship with shoe designer Brian Atwood, which ended in 2009.It's as if they just smeared something all over their faces before the picture was taken. DLers appear to go for that cornfed Middle America look.And that Atwood character looks rather "special" in the face. I always pictured my dream guy to look like them unshaved, with dirty long hair, Yuck!

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