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The Romo reviews are great news for the NFL and its invested partners like CBS, as television ratings were down once again in Week 1 as compared to past seasons.While league and media officials blamed a myriad of factors like coverage of and fan displacement due to Hurricane Irma, CBS and the NFL would be unwise not to pamper this golden goose that is Romo in the booth so it will continue to lay the golden eggs.However, when Crawford met Romo, Crawford said she was “not old enough”.But two years later, they grew up, and that’s sports lovers.Candice Crawford attended high school at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas.Later, she enrolled in the University of Missouri, majoring in business and journalism.When Crawford was a college student, she worked as a reporter for the NBC newspaper, according to sources from People magazine. While in college, Pi Beta Africa’s sorority sister is always busy.

In this article, we’ll talk about Tony Romo’s wife.Candice sees Romo picking her up from home for their first dinner. Chace Crawford, thank you for these wonderful sharing!While dating Romo, Candice still lives with her parents in their warm home. On a date, Candice did not want her parents to stay in the house (according to Chace Crawford). Candice Crawford and Tony Romo were married at Arlington Hall after two years of dating, sources from People.Candice’s parents feel confused and she didn’t tell them about her relationship with a famous athlete. Their wonderful wedding took place before 600 guests.They have invited quite a number of football players (including current and retired players).

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