Why is norton updating constantly

To disable hardware acceleration in Windows 10, follow these steps: 6) Click the Troubleshooting tab and click the Change settings button. Note: Hardware acceleration is graphics driver specify.If the button is grey out on your side, you’re not allowed to change the setting. If you don’t see hardware acceleration in your Windows 10, your graphics card driver may not support this feature.Windows 10 screen flickering can be caused by different issues. You can fix this problem with one of the methods below.The most probable cause is the faulty display driver. There are five methods for you to try to fix the error.Welcome to the Norton Community - a place where Norton customers, employees and other people interested in dialogue can meet online to discuss our products and related topics.Whether you have a problem with your Norton product, you have a system tune-up question, or you're looking to scrub some malware from your PC, the Norton Community is the place to go.If you have installed one of them, you may need to update them or contact their manufacturer for an update to fix the problem. If possible, take your computer to another place and see if the problem resolves.

With hardware acceleration, the monitor may not be able to handle the performance of your graphics hardware.

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[Updated on 20th August] Norton Security has been released targeting Windows 7 SP1 customers with Norton installed.

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