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@Refugees is on the front lines helping people forced from their homes by the devastating impacts of climate change. It’s called “deterrence” - a policy stance that if our country inflicts enough pain on refugees, they will think twice before believing America is worth their dreams & aspirations.#World Refugee Day pic.twitter.com/Fx Hrp Gd PQG The GOP’s grand plan to “Make America Great Again” is to hurt children, immigrants, refugees into thinking America isn’t great - that it’s cruel & inhumane - so people don’t come at all. Only policy change can end cruelty, not blank checks to the status quo.Anna is active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram account but she does not use on Twitter account.She has more than 4.2k followers on the Facebook account and 32.4k follower on Instagram account.Anna Popplewell is a British film, television and theatre actress. She is known for her role as Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

/1 pic.twitter.com/x D4Ain Kr Wi Partners & the government of Chile have done an incredible & swift job trying to rescue the Loa Water Frog from extinction, bringing the last few to the National Zoo of Chile to be nursed back to health.

She’s a Mac Arthur Fellowship recipient and founding president of Little Big Horn College. A beautiful, peaceful black-and-white photograph of the full moon over Half Dome in Yosemite, by Ansel Adams, which hangs in my bedroom.

It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend [William Moseley].

pic.twitter.com/b TICEJK2Oe lighthousehossegor is nothing less than #epic.

giu_j_c nick_rusty bets8 made my week here truly incredible. I literally can’t thank lighthousehossegor giu_j_c nick_rusty and bets8 enough!

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