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He was asked as to why he didn't spend the vacation with Bernal and her family, but Guevara said that he has work to do in the Philippines.

The only thing that can bore their emotions to death is the criticism they are both prone to..

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PH asked Guevara if he wants to be partnered with Bernal in a teleserye, but he said that it is Bernal who is not comfortable working with him.

We're talking people in the fashion industry, financial executives, fellow performers/dancers, full-time moms, casting directors, NY Times bestselling authors, and the list goes on! And when not in the water she went zip lining and hiking and did yoga and ate gelato. KD was also featured in a video from that trip on the Chica Brava website (with apres-surf wet hair no less).

In the summer, because she wasn't apparently getting enough activity, KD decided to learn to surf. Doesn't seem like a normal hobby for someone living in NYC, but she was determined and even borrowed a friend's 8-foot surfboard and took it on the subway for 2 hours to East Rockaway to practice. An accidental fall from the ladder to the loft where she sleeps at 2 a.m.

As for Twitter and Facebook activity - has 10 mentions and 0 likes.

The model-actor revealed that he misses Bernal, but that they kept in touch through text messages and voice calls.

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